MKVToolNix DOES NOT RECODE the video. No quality is lost – the file is demuxed (separated into its constituent parts – video – audio – subtitle files – and etc.) and then remuxed (recombined). Video and audio data is NOT altered.

Download for Windows:

Download for other OS:

To ADD/REMOVE Subtitles (example picture below)

1. Source Files

  1. Drag-n-Drop the original video file.
  2. ADD subtitles: Drag-n-Drop the subtitle file you want to add then ▼▼▼

2. Tracks, chapters and tags

  1. DESELECT the track (un-check the box) to REMOVE subtitles and/or other tracks.
  2. SELECT the tracks (check the box) for all files you want included in your output file.
  3. HIGHLIGHT (select) the new SUBTITLE track then ▼▼▼

3. General Options (highlighted track)

Change the General options as needed (see picture) then ▼▼▼

4. Delay/Advance Timing (if needed – highlighted track)

Timestamps and default durationDELAY (in ms)

NEGATIVE millisecond number (1000 ms = 1 sec) to make the subtitle appear earlier.

POSITIVE millisecond number to make the subtitle appear later.

5. ReMux (re-combine) the video file

Click the Start multiplexing button to create the new video file with the added/deleted subtitles and other tracks.

To be continued…